Werewolves and Idjits

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Something I had on my mind forever and I finally did did it for Tyler’s birthday… the idea came partially from Eskarine ♥ Tyler got it and signed it thanks my wonderful and amazingly generous friends Mako and Ine.

I have no words.. I am so incredibly touched and completely overwhelmed… I don’t know what to say except for HUGE THANK YOU ♥♥♥ I don’t deserve this ;_____;

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Anonymous asked: hey is it to late to send you a prompt you may have done this before but seriously i'm dying for something with clintasha talking with each other in sign langue preferably as a form secret communication during boring meetings


[You smell like ham.]

Natasha frowns at Clint from across the table. They’ve been sat in debriefing for nearly an hour and they’re still not even halfway through. Steve is detailing their previous mission and, although she loves him to death, it’s boring as fuck. 

The archer has his eyebrow raised inquisitively, waiting for her to respond. He knows she’s fluent in ASL - after his accident, she made a point of learning it with him - and he also knows she’s too stubborn not to take the bait.

[I’m sat over here you gimp]she signs back, throwing in the middle finger for good measure.

His mouth quirks upwards and he moves his fingers rapidly.

[I can still smell you. Haven’t you showered?]

[We were in the shower last night, dumbass.]

[But we got filthier in there than we were when we got in.]

Natasha rolls her eyes.

[Are you trying to talk sexy to me in ASL?]

Clint grins.

[I know cruder expressions,] he replies, sticking his finger through a hole he’d formed with his other hand.

[Is that a full-scale model?]she retorts, almost laughing at the wounded expression on his face.

[You weren’t complaining.]

[I also wasn’t orgasming. Your move, Barton.]


Natasha and Clint look up to see the entire boardroom staring at them. Fury is pinching the bridge of his nose as Coulson shakes his head wearily. Tony is grinning delightedly, Bruce is flushing, Sam and Bucky are snickering behind their hands, Steve just looks bemused and Thor’s just smiling at them for the sake of it.

"You do realise that most of us here are fluent in ASL also?" the Director drawls and Clint turns to look at Natasha, horrified. He raises his hands and rapidly signs at her.

[Oh shit.]

Too fucking right,” she mumbles, staring down at her notes.

This was not a good day.

These two dumbasses are going to be the death of me. I love them! Hope you like it :) xox

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